• http://twitter.com/Yakezie Yakezie

    Paul, is the SEO industry in a structural decline as search engines get smarter?

  • http://twitter.com/aschottmuller Angie Schottmuller

    Thanks for sharing this post, Paul! It’s always interesting to learn what other SEOs find to be useful in a tool.

    One of the features that hooked me on going with BrightEdge about 4 years ago was the option to track search rank trend lines for targeted keywords in comparison to competitors. With 16 brands and a half million SKUs, reporting was a huge burden. Simple, visual trend line reports showed progress that was instrumental in getting more support and budget for SEO. (I believe Conductor offers the same trend line competitive comparison as well now.)

    I couldn’t agree more about standing your ground with zealous sales reps! These tools are definitely pricy. Negotiation and knowing the value of what you want/need is very important.