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    How are you guys getting around the quality score noose from Google? I tried the misspelling generation for a PPC campaign and watched as my misspelled keywords were slowly bumped higher and higher. The landing page was relevant for the correctly-spelled version and that stayed the same. Are you passing the keywords to the page?

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    I just hope that people reading this won’t be under the impression that 5-10 cent “lowball” bids are commonly available now in the U.S. on Google. This mentality is basically SEO-plus-five-cents, and dates back to the days when paid search traffic was practically free and when you could load up accounts with as many keywords as you wanted, with impunity. As the previous poster indicates, this isn’t going to be nearly as successful a strategy anymore due to the quality score algorithm. So yes, that’s why it seems the “action,” for those who play, is moving to Europe etc.

  • Halfdeck

    Say you make $30 a sale and your average conversion ratio is 1:100. Then your ROI = 30/100 = .3 or 30 cents. You will not lose money as long as your CPC is lower than 30 cents.

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    If your initial quality score gives you a minimum bid 40 cents or less, you can potentially “earn” your way to a much lower minimum bid if your ads perform well. Under this scenario, I would tell Google not to show my ad above Position #3 and I would not deviate at all from the “Sideways Arrow” ad creation philisophy outlined in the article. In almost every case where this happened, my minimum bids dropped to 10-20 cent level. Also, even initially, if I was bidding 40 cents, I rarely paid that much.

    Now if you are assigned a minimum bid of $1 plus, you’re not likely to drive your bid down to 10 cents.

    Also, I found that when I dropped 100+ misspellings into a particular campaign, the bid range amongst all the misspelled keywords never was that great…usually not more than 20-30 cents. I never saw 10 cent keywords with $1+ misspellings in the same campaign.

    Andrew…you are right, this is much harder to do in the US though I’m sure there are some hidden niches where it could be done.

  • Jamie

    Do you create a new Google account for each new merchant or do you just create a new campaign inside of an existing account?

  • http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    Different campaigns within one account work fine.

  • Rick Gregory


    Any suggestions on European affiliate programs?

  • http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    Rick, this approach works best in a market where you already have some affiliate familiarity. Try to find a European equivalent of something you are already doing. Also, look for “off network” programs in underserved niches.

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    Comission Junction has a fairly good selection of affiliate programs in the UK and other European Countries. Just looks for programs that payout in pounds.

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    Killer post Todd. Very valuable. I still get a little side tracked with keyword research. What tools or programs do you use or recommend? I love AWalls free keyword tool and you’re right his typo gen tool is very nice too. Wondering if you also use Wordze, Wordtracker, etc. to create huge lists or are you more of a HitWise long-tail chaser?

  • http://whatiloveabout.com DrHowe

    @ Danger

    Todd probably doesn’t have huge quality score issues because if he was already making affiliate sales through organic search, then he already has a website optimized for what he’s promoting. That’s my guess at least.

    Quality score really kills you if you try to go direct to merchant or you create a landing page that google smacks as “irrelevant” regardless of if it is or not.

  • heitz23

    Great Post! I had a quick question regarding your ppc bids. After generating your large list of keywords for your particular niche, do you typically set your keywords on “exact match” or “broad match” to get the best results? Any help would be great appreciated, keep up the great posts!

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    low-bid tactics sound good, but i think it is hard to implement especially with G Adwords if you expect considerable traffic to your landing pages