• http://www.gabrielharper.com/ Gabriel Harper

    I wonder how much of Twitter’s growth is from businesses jumping on the bandwagon for social marketing purposes as compared to personal use.

  • http://blog.ppcproz.com PPCPROZ

    I agree with Gabriel, but that is probably a precursor to more and more jumping in for personal use as well. Watch out, Google.

    I’ve already installed twitter search on my firefox broswer, and I am using pretty often.

  • Matt McGee

    Oooh, there’s a Twitter search bookmarklet for Firefox? I had no idea. Thx for the tip, PPCPROZ. Off to find it….

  • Erik

    Wow. And just a week after Steve Rubel told us that Twitter had peaked. He certainly does like to cover his bases (or his bets).

    Not a reflection on your post, though, Matt. I appreciate the data.