• http://twitter.com/ConsultingCumbr Ray Cumbria

    Useful update Greg.  However is this change only going to be relevant to the US or will it spill over to us here in the UK?

  • Silver Smith

    Ray, for the time being the UBL/Yext joint offering is US-only.

  • Saksiri Kridakara

    I’ve looked into using UBL to list my business and researched further by reading experiences from other businesses on various forums. It appeared that 90% of people that tried it did not notice any additional SEO benefit. Can you offer any insight on this service in terms of whether or not it indeed helps with traffic or SEO? I’ve never met a single person that uses UBL to find a business so if it does not help with SEO, what benefits does it serve…if any? I’d love to hear other experiences….

  • http://twitter.com/ian_williams Ian Williams

    Saksiri, part of what I use directory submission for is building citations to promote locations in Google local search. More, consistent citations can help a location rank higher in universal search. I do this in the UK though, so I can’t comment whether Google looks to UBL’s partners as citation sources.

  • LocalLister

    UBL & YEXT both provide a good service to help manage local business listings. However… It does not make sense to me to pay BIG yearly fees for listings that are not brought within your control. We are using another service that actually manually claims & verify’s the listings and puts them in our control, making changes to listings are easy if you control them in your own account. The service is white label and better meets agencies needs (plus it is very reasonably priced). We use this service for building our clients local business listing foundation… 

    It is still important to get MASS distribution of listing data in addition to controlling the main local search destinations like Google Places, Bing, YP, etc..  UBL has an affordable “core distribution” package that is good for this purpose.