• http://joblr.net Mikkel deMib Svendsen

    Good article, as always, Bill :)

    However, to you “engine detection” solution for automated language redirects there is one big problem …

    If you let Google index all language versions but redirect users to the one you think is right automatically you may end up with very upset search users.

    lets say I am in Germany,as I often am in fact, and I do a search for something – which off course I do, I will usually want something in english (my German is really bad).

    So if Google got access to your english pages I would find them. But then when I click on the link to your site it detects that I am in Germany and forces me to that page. Thats not what I clicked on. Thats not what is in the Google cache. To me its cloaking. I am not allowed to see what Google found and link me to.

    Maybe I’ll report it. Maybe Google will deal with it. Maybe not. But its definately a risk to any site owner that employs this technique :)