• http://www.linkedin.com/in/jpandian Jey Pandian

    Hi Bill,
    I agree that we should make an effort to consolidate information on multilingual seo. I’d love to help out. Please feel free to contact me.

  • IanHarris

    Bill, we should write one. We have a multiulingual paid search tool, but we use a lot of third party tools for SEO, many of which have limited multilingual support.

  • http://www.loscuadernosdejulia.com Julie Delvaux


    It is great to see this article coming now. I have been looking into Multilingual PPC/SEO since 2007: I am a native speaker in Russian and speak/read in a few European languages, so this was naturally a topic that drew my attention. I can only speak for a fraction of the market, which is Russian, but here goes:

    “The response is the same – we don’t see a market for it and the sad part – none have ever really looked. I struggle with how to convince them to make the investment, which is often a relatively simple update”.

    They evidently feel that there is no point in adapting software for, say, Russian market because Yandex is going very strong and they’d lose money if they tried. While it is true that Yandex is the leading SE in Russia, and most popular because it has extentisively plagiarised on Google’s ideas to adapt them to the Russian language (syntax, for instance), it doesn’t mean there is no room for competition. I have looked at Yandex.Metrics, which is supposed to be akin to Google Analytics, but it doesn’t provide me with half of the data I need, although it also provides with some data that Google doesn’t.

    I absolutely believe in multilingual SEO, partly because of my interest in Semantic Web, which is why I have started writing my own blog in both English and Russian. Since you are someone who wants to push this forward, I am only happy to join forces with you.

    Julia (http://www.loscuadernosdejulia.com/)

  • http://polyanadeoliveira.com _polyana

    Hi Bill,

    Great post! I experience the same problems working in multilingual markets myself.

    I’m based in São Paulo, Brazil, and would love to participate in any meetings you intend to host at upcoming events. Keep us posted!

  • http://dynamical.biz/blog/ Ani Lopez

    This is not a manual, it is a presentation but it covers all the topics about international & multilingual SEO http://www.slideshare.net/anilopez/seo-for-multilanguage-international-projects

    Maybe I should convert it to a manual style document,