• http://martinhayman.co.uk Martin Hayman

    Danny, many people created profiles using a business Gmail account for their business/brand. Now that pages are here what would you suggest people do with these?… leave them running, delete the accounts?

  • http://www.caseycarpenter.com caseycarpenter

    Curious if the Pages use any technology from Knol, seems like there could be some overlap.

  • http://www.leg3nd.com leg3nd

    The ‘Manage your pages’ tab states that you can manage the pages you own, or the pages you have been given access to.

    Do you know how to share access with other users or is that functionality still to come?

  • Jon Hill

    Our legal business name has a number in it which Google won’t accept when we try to set anything up. Our company only has one email address so setting up a Google+ page means we would have to change our company name which would then change our Google profile and everything else linked to it.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • http://www.inspiretothrive.com Lisa

    Danny, I cannot post on my business page, it ends up on my personal page even thought I’m logged in under business page on Google+, why is that?

  • http://usablecontent.blogspot.com/ Gerry White

    Frankly G+ pages are an utterly disappointing – the single login limitations, the lack of anything but what I can only describe as a 2008 Facebook wall and no facility to post onto it means that businesses that use them are either going to have to invest in a lot of time to manage them, outsource it to a company who they need to trust above normal FB & Twitter providers or to leave it looking rather sparse, which is what I suspect most companies will do til G+ has enough users to warrant the investment.

  • http://www.clinicme.com/ John Methew

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