• Pat Grady

    My internal feeling of being an AdWords expert just got demoted, thanks. :-)

  • http://www.seolatino.com/ Rafael Montilla

    Thanks! very helpfull!

  • Michel Bonin

    Wicked tips for multiple accounts requiring updated bids on keywords (with characters in Japanese, Chinese or Korean). Helpful once we have transited as many as possible of the over 300 accounts toward AdWords from our Ad Sales Agency handling clients (mostly schools and tourist operators and destinations) engaging with prospects of Northeast Asian origin. We work as Ad Sales Agent for traditional publishers’ platforms with original and curated content in those languages.
    Thanks +Frederick Vallaeys for tips on running AdWords scripts more efficiently.

  • http://www.booot.co.il/ Shuki Mann

    Awesome tips! tnx

  • David

    I have the next problem after put the code at adwords in preview mode:

    ReferenceError: “SETTINGS” is not defined. (line 5)

    how can I fix this?

  • Robert Reßmann