• http://www.spinxdigital.com/ Stephen Moyers

    I have tried out the Facebook open graph and rich snippet and seen numbers of benefits from them. Now its turn of Twitter Card let’s see how it will affect my social media campaign. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • http://www.skiusainc.com/ SKI USA

    Would like to add here that if you wish to see how your tweet would look like when you share it, use the Twitter validator. You will have to login in first to view it though. Here is the URL for the same – https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator

  • http://www.colinmcdermott.co.uk/ Colin

    Affecting local SEO seems like a bit of a stretch… I think I would probably disagree with that. On the flip they are very easy to implement and definitely worth doing.

  • Chris Silver Smith

    Colin, I understand your skepticism! However, there are multiple reasons to expect that this can positively influence Local SEO. First, all signals and elements of regular SEO also affect Local SEO. Second, the search engines have stated that they are paying attention to social signals now in various ranking determinations. Third, the enhanced segments of the Twitter Cards can include local keywords or even citational elements, depending upon how you implement or how you engineer your content posts. I probably should’ve better developed out this third aspect in the article, but I ran shorter on time — and I don’t always spoonfeed all of the details. ;-)

  • Sarah Jocson

    This is great I will add this to my blog immediately thanks for sharing

  • http://www.sodapopmedia.com/ James Faulkner

    I am going to have to start using the Twitter Cards and Facebook’s Open Graph now. Thanks for your tips, Chris.

  • ebuzznet

    I have activated twitter cards for my blog….

  • TerraMediaMarketing

    Thanks for this information. I can’t find where to enable Twitter Cards in my WordPress SEO Plugin. Updated the plugin and have looked all over. Can you give me a hint as to where I can find it? Thanks, Eydie :)

  • TerraMediaMarketing

    Never mind – I found it. I think I went blind for awhile! LOL

  • http://bloggersideas.com/ jitendra vaswani

    How to implement these cards pleas help me

  • hannahm

    Authorship is an SEO tactic, period – not a Local SEO tactic. #justsayin. ;)