• CPC_Andrew

    This was a really great read, thank you for posting. Got me thinking on a Saturday. ;-)

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  • http://www.michaelcharalambous.com Michael Charalambous

    Kim, great post! I must say i found it really usefully. Especially as i am currently in the design phase of a major template of which i have SEO at the helm, but must remember to keep my usability and customer service views in tact also.

    Though, i did find it overly amusing that as a Usability expert and manager your post was definitely not user friendly at all? Paragraph after paragraph of text with minimal imagery – some of the information could’ve been broken up into bitesize pieces? Maybe infographics or some illustrations to display points?

    Just found that rather odd, as of course, this post is about being user firendly :)

  • http://www.cbil360.com/ Website Design Company

    You are right, the basic need of any website to bind a visitor to its website, But I have felt- some times you have a ugly website, but still it works, gives you leads, gets real visitors, and some times you fail to get even-though you have very beautiful website, you have taken care of usability, have good functionality; I think problem would be in implementation part, i.e how you are representing yourself.
       I think best way to check this, start thinking from user end, and try to sort out what is restricting you(your visitor) to be in your website. What you say/