• http://megabluewave.com/blog Marek Wawrzyniak

    Danny, is using “About About” done on purpose in the title? :)

    Marek (jazyfko)

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    I guess I love the word “about” so much I wanted to use it twice :)

    Got it fixed, thanks!

  • http://blog.thinkaboutsearch.com steve haar

    I think anyone who followed this was asking ‘what don’t the legislators understand?’
    I know I was
    . Now, I know. Neither the legislators nor their staffs did any homework. Reading the press over the last day or so, it was apparent that Mr. Clark and his staff never reached out to the engines, or bothered to gain input from outside the small circle of lobbyist.

    Danny, your quote from Mr. Clark, when read in full context, placed the blame on the media for not coming to him to express concerns. If they had simply read the press and blogs, they would have had a clear picture that this was not going to fly…But then, they could have reached out to Google or Yahoo!, or Overstock, or eBay, or….

    But they didn’t.

  • http://forshizelmynizel.blogspot.com Frank T

    I’m thinking this has nothing to do with their general population. Living only an hour or so from the UTAH border, we see this all the time in this “religious-based” state. It boils down to what the church wants, the church gets… or at least tries to get. Now that the religion population in SLC is quickley going downhill (almost 5% per year, over the last few years), the church has less and less power. Enjoy the week!