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    Viacom wanted Google to turn over all removed videos from YouTube and Google: Viacom’s YouTube lawsuit threatens DMCA; The full response …. Right or wrong, I feel Viacom believes they are stopping a problem while it is still … movie drupal classified ads courtesy of exodus development,INC

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    Best wishes GOOGLE…

    Search Engine lovers love you always…

  • KJ

    I read that Viacom people had been putting clips on YouTube. Viacom then turns round and asks Google to to remove 100,000 clips before the end of the following day. Google gets most of the clips off YouTube and Viacom still takes them to court. Sour grapes? Viacom did want to buy YouTube but Google beat them to it. This case has been going on for ages and looks to continue through the appeal courts. The lawyers must be loving it.