• http://twitter.com/digicreativevn Digital Creative

    I’m thinking of using videos for our E-commerce site when stumbling this article. Kind of reinforcing my intention. Thanks! ;) 

  • Himanshu Gupta

    Very True, Video Marketing for Ecommerce websites is one of the strongest tool to build in trust and understanding with the target customers. I believe a well created video can convince a potential buyer and make them take purchasing decision.

  • gomarketeer


    It is very true that videos are dominating
    the search results lately. I was shocked to find lately that in every result the
    top results were videos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/abach Anders Bach Waagstein

    VIdeo is powerful. In Europe you see the same tendencies as refered to in the article. You can generate traffic to your site, videos increases conversion rates in general and you can also use it to do a both better and cheaper after sales service. 

  • http://twitter.com/DrMelodyKing Dr. Melody King

    Great article, George. We are seeing an almost instant
    traffic boost and 25%-85% conversion rate increase with Treepodia’s automated
    product videos as well. Have you seen the new Google Analytics Social Report
    feature? It enables sites to monitor video popularity across the different
    social networks. 

  • http://www.authoritybuzz.com/ Authority Buzz

    I think video has so many awesome applications. My top 3 are testimonials, tutorials and product/service tours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.gara.9 Scott Gara

    As someone who produces lots of E-commerce videos I think its important for all sites to start incorporating videos to help boost SEO and CRO. We saw an 18% increase of ROAS after we made our own video for one of our sites, this lead to approximately an extra 35,000$ in profit over three months. If those numbers don’t show you the power of video I don’t know what will. I am interested in what other people are using for hosting. We have started using Brightcove but I did do research into Wistia as well. When I was researching Wistia I didn’t see the complete features that they have now. The email marketing tactics that they have taken are making me think of changing.

  • George Aspland

    I’ve seen it but haven’t used it yet. hope to soon. One issue is, it requires  (I believe)  the latest asycn version of Analytics which not many of our clients are on yet

  • Fedobe

    Great article with some valuable video optimization information!