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    I never toyed with their new video feature… and I spend a LOT of time searching on Google. The features are pretty cool, but I don’t know how many average searchers are taking advantage of this. So as a marketer, I’d think long and hard about how much effort I put into SEO for video.

    BUT, it makes perfect sense to transcribe videos and embed them on your own site. That way, if Google ever starts adding the transcriptions to their index and using it as part of the video ranking algo, marketers will be way ahead of the game.

    For now, video is a great branding opportunity. BlendTec is the best example of this I can think of in the consumer space. I’d say that SEOMoz’s “Whiteboard Friday” is a fantastic example in the B2B world.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the search engines decide to rank videos… and how many searchers take advantage of this new feature…

    Raza Imam

  • raleighbimmer

    I am trying to do more Video these days and I am finding they can be short and to the point. I did one this morning that was just 48 seconds long. Thanks for sharing your insight on Video. I think it’s here to stay and only going to get larger over time.