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    This reminds me of the search engine called metacrawler. I actually liked using that little guy for searching multiple search engines at once. Then google came along, and it’s search results were so relevant that metacrawler somehow seemed less useful. Ah well. It will all depend on whether bing provides relevant results and seeing that they are experiencing a surge in searches, as long as they aren’t violating any ip rights by doing so, then it’ll continue to go well for them. But it begs the question, is this the only methodology to enhance search that a big company like Microsoft can produce. AI (artificial intelligence) should be comprised of machines helping humans, not machines drudging off of other machines. Well, I suppose when a better mechanism for gist searching comes along, this whole sphere will change abruptly. And then we’ll see a really interestingly and newly competitive, search engine playing field emerge.

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    Wow, it’s been years since I even thought about MetaCrawler. I loved that engine for the same reason, back then none of the majors that were evolving had the capacity to keep up with the growing pace of new pages. MC had the right idea, it could search a dozen or more and find the best results from each. I think I used that exclusively for a couple years when I ended up in a town where dialup was still the only option because it save me tons of time vs searching several sites manually, the difference being MC was straight up about how they got their results.

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    great post…enjoyed reading it