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    It does look to be a good move from Google. But i am wondering if it will only work say on Closed keyword groups where the Client is able to enforce a Max CPC for those who are able to bid on their brand terms. I am just think how that will impact Generic keywords. I just keep thinking that somehow it will benefit more those people who are able to set a higher Max CPC as opposed to those who can actually have a better Landing Page Score.

    Very eager to see your comments.

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    Does forcing this higher threshold for the maximum bid also mean that advertisers in the top positions will pay more per click even if they have a good quality score? And even if the answer to that is no, isn’t it reasonable to assume that there will be a lot of instances where the maximum bid will be raised by poorer-quality advertisers which will drive the CPC up for the high quality ads as well? And what if no one wants to meet the new max. bid threshold for the top spots? Will they revert back to organic listings?

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    In google adwords the important thing is for advertisers to determine the optimal, most profitable position. The optimal position for an ad will depend on a number of factors, individual to each advertiser, including: how the position of an ad changes when the CPC changes, how the CTR changes when the position of an ad changes, the conversion rate and what the value of the conversion is to the advertiser. More info in this white paper: http://www.sayu.co.uk/bid-optimisation-white-paper.html. Now, and when the new algorithm comes into place, advertisers need to be careful that they are not bidding over the odds to appear in top positions.

  • FAS Adam B

    I wonder if the switch to max CPC takes into account Time of Day bidding. If it does not, then advertisers with bids over 100% max CPC would not be getting full credit for their real max CPC’s after the time of day multiplier. Any word on this angle?

  • Rehan

    “Google has followed up now to say that quality is weighted more heavily now and in the new system, the combined threshold of quality and CPC will be higher. We’re double-checking further on this”

    Any confirmation on this yet?

  • http://www.andyredfern.co.uk Andy Redfern

    One more step in the wrong direction for Google in my opinion.

    For months they have banged on about quality, quality, quality yet now we move to system were people pay more to be in the top position they already hold.

    I am sure myself and many other punters would like Google to look at quality issues on the content network rather than implementing something that is primarily a revenue generator.

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