• daveintheuk

    Excellent, Bing are closing in on Google here – a social search integration less compelling than Google+!

  • Shoel Barua

    Today’s Technology and Cloud computing is getting better and better and Its new thing to be happy with

    thank you so much for the post

  • http://www.windycityparrot.com WindyCityParrot

    I applaud the technological innovations sprouting up from the Microsoft/Facebook relationship. That said In the past month I’ve had about a dozen interactions with Google via both phone & e-mail concerning three or four of their products. Every interaction was easy to initiate and resulted in either a solution or movement toward a solution. Conversely Bing takes 1 to 3 weeks to respond to an e-mail and it took more than six months to resolve a technical issue precluding our store from deploying to Bing shopping.

    Three weeks ago I had three phone conversations with someone by the name of Josh at Facebook. It took Josh three weeks to return my initial four phone calls but after engaging Josh who was in the advertising department at Facebook, I committed to him that I would commit to at the very least a $25,000 annual spend on Facebook ads in exchange for professional guidance from Facebook. It’s now been three weeks since my last conversation with Josh and he has failed to return any more calls so although I will continue to advertise on Facebook because it is effective, being old school it may take a while for them to understand no amount of modern technology will take the place of customer service and I’m going to spend what I want to spend –