• tomfurton

    Nice article. I’m neck-deep in a spreadsheet full of text ads right now thinking of similar matters.

    And I’ve definitely taken note of the television ads which support that Friskies packaging and messaging. From my perspective, it’s a great campaign because it starts with the idea that your cat has an interior life. Hopes, dreams, an imagination — all ludicrous to someone who doesn’t own or care about cats, but then those people don’t matter when you’re selling cat food, do they? I like the empathy involved, and the commitment to the idea. It’s only ridiculous if you’re not in the target audience.

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Thank you, Tom,

    I agree 100% with what you are saying. I may have had it backwards – cats may be controlling our thoughts to get them what they want. If you notice your cats playing with the remote, and turning up the volume during food commercials, please let me know – I’ll nominate you both for a Nobel prize. I know my cat has no problem communicating what and when he wants something from my wife or I.

    Good luck with your ads. Hope you sell tons of what ever it is you sell!

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Matt, we’ve broken down and gone for Fancy Feast — the wet food, no less — for our 18 year old cat. It wasn’t the marketing message that sold us on it, the old girl basically went on a starvation diet, and we found this was the only brand of wet food she’d consistently eat. 17.5 years of purina dry cat food, and suddenly she’s the queen ordering us to get her more Fancy Feast and to serve it in a crystal goblet while we’re at it.

    Great article, by the way!

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Thanks, George. Long live the Queen!

  • haveronjones

    This article made me laugh out loud, Matt.

    It’s long been said that while dogs have owners, cats have staff – and nowhere is this more apparent than in the efforts of humans to satisfy the demands of their feline employers!

  • https://www.spectrumchemical.com D.R.

    Fantastic Job Matt! It always amazes me how we often forget to take the time and just look around us to remind us of the things we already know.

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    So true, D.R.! That’s one of the lessons about our addiction to smartphones. The price we pay for staying connected online 24/7 means we become a bit disconnected from the richness and fun that is all around us in the real world.

    Thanks for your comment, Ron! I hadn’t heard that line before, but it is so true, and I’ll think of you everytime I repeat it!

  • A.H.

    Good stuff, Matt!

    Thankfully PPC clickers don’t sit and stare at the ads for an hour. We simply show them their key phrase and a little lie. ;)

  • rsmith

    As a matter of fact Matt, they do control our throughts via their litter, thanks to their little friend and copilot toxoplasmic gondii, an infection of which in humans is not only quite common, but is bad for pregnant women which is why babydaddies-to-be the world over find themselves the exclusive litter box cleaners of their households, on doctors orders.

    Back to the cat-based mind control — toxoplasmosis affects mice, making them docile and subservient to their predators and therefore much easier to kill. In the case of humans, we find ourselves bending to the will of these bossy, aloof and often high-maintenance little messmakers who IMHO bring almost nothing to the table except 1. looking cute when they aren’t working on a hairball, and 2. snapping you out of the zone with a pushy insistence for attention whenever you’re in it.

    In my case, they’ve got me convinced I’m their building’s doorman, who are obviously well paid to promptly let them in or out several times an hour because it’s our job, and they thank you kindly to keep your complaints about your doorman job to yourself, because you’re one dish of milk away from being replaced, and don’t you forget it bub!

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Thanks, Ryan and AH. You are two savvy cats!

    Ryan I nearly bust a gut when I read your comment. You are 100% Right on!

  • http://quift.wordpress.com Pierre-Emil

    if only the marketing was the only difference…. But as with most advertising all the important stuff is hidden behind fluff.

    You often mention that most cat food is only bits and pieces of meat etc dried and baked into pellets. However most store bought catfood is 80% corn. The basic stuff you will find in those aisles normally has about 4% animal content. observe “animal content”. So no meat at all.

    The “good stuff”, which I can only find in an actual pet store contains about 50-70% “animal content”, and normally about 10% “meat”. And then there are some differences depending on the sort of cat you have (age mostly, younger cats need more calories, indoor cats less).

    The important take-away is that cats cannot gain any nutrition from corn. So they will overeat and over-poop. With the god stuff they eat half as much. So to choose, you would have to read the content, and not trust the advertising. Every advertiser should know better than to trust the packaging, but that does not make everythig equal…


  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Wow! Thank you, Pierre-Emil!

    This is great to know! I really appreciate your letting all our readers know these important distinctions. Mozart, thanks you, too. Because we’ll be sure to get him some more 100% meat from the deli counter.