• http://eddiemorales.net/ Eddie Morales

    This article reminds me of an article written on SEO Moz by @ipullrank , http://ow.ly/5Hlso , about the same topic.

  • http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    One thing I left out from my “SEO dream team.” I would have a dedicated development resource for the SEO team. The single most important (and often lacking) resource there is!

  • http://www.hostelbookers.com davidecorradi

    A couple of years ago I couldn’t agree more. Nowadays I am afraid in-House SEO, if properly structured, is a much more complex and knowledgeable beast than you are picturing. 

    A real example, mine: after 4 years working in one of the top multilingual agency in the UK I am now in house SEO Manager for a company working in the travel industry.
    Well, the in-house SEO situation I am proudly part of, is miles away from what you have described: I am managing 10 incredibly competent international in-house SEOs that are going to conferences, are keeping them self as informed as any other SEO out there and they can use their time and creativity focusing on one single objective. And I can’t stress enough this point: working in an agency you may have (sometimes) better tools or processes but there is a primary weakness that is difficult to defeat: time.

    Just my 2cents

  • http://seoexpertforyou.com/ S.E.Y.

    I think that a seo agency is the best way to go because they are up to date on everything and normally they have a lot of people to manage your campaign rather than just one person.

  • http://www.bartgibby.com/ Bart Gibby


    So true about the development resources. I am an SEO Director and I can barely get anything for SEO from our Agency’s dev team. They are always too busy working on Account Management, sales & marketing projects. Hopefully I get something soon lol. Or we won’t be able to handle the work load.

  • http://www.litigationandtrial.com/twitter-welcome/ Maxwell S. Kennerly

    The primary weakness of the agency (or the consultant) is that they might be a rip-off. There are lots and lots of SEO agencies / consultants in my industry who charge a fortune to do a modest amount of work, work that could be done in-house even by unspecialized employees.

    In turn, the primary strength of the in-house SEO is loyalty. You don’t doubt if they’re working for you or just collecting their monthly fee.

  • http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    @davidecorradi actually, you’re affirming much of what I wrote about in-house and “dream team” SEO. Maybe a bit too defensive in your take?

    @maxwell re loyalty of the in-house… until a better job comes along. Loyalty can be a false proxy for more pragmatic concerns. Re agencies, I agree with your experiences as far as lesser firms are concerned. But, that’s a simple straw man to knock down.