• http://www.altogetherdigital.com Ciarán

    Not exactly related to this, but I’ve been finding quite frequently that when using Blogger I will suddenly find myself in the German or French version of the site (all buttons etc.. in that language).

  • exposureTim

    I saw an extreme example of this last night for a single-word search query. Now I’m seeing it across a wider spread of various terms.

    I don’t see the Asian thing so much, but just some bizarre results for searches in general including a parked domain, an obscure blog, a small regional site and several non-US sites in the top ten for a generic single word search.

    But now I’m seeing similar bad SERPs for a variety of searches.

    Hopefully I’m just occasionally hitting a server they are testing something on and/or these are otherwise temporary tests.

  • RayPays

    It really has been a couple years sonce Google actually provided good search results. they have been very busy with other projects since then.

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    One thing I’ve speculated, Google seems to be tweaking how it deals with sites which have a huge number of inlinks, and how much weight to give that specific factor.

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    Hey Barry, these are two unrelated things, but the right teams are aware of both of them and have changes pending. The change for one-word queries is already live at some places and should be live at 100% of the datacenters in the next 2-3 days, for example.

  • http://www.indiatags.com praveent99

    Even there are bugs in the analytics. My hit counts are less than yesterday. And I can’t switch sites with the drop down list.

    Google College is on a vacation, I guess.

  • Igonramousconfusim

    I think the Chinese hacker/spammers are manipulating some of the search results for commercial purposes. It is what I would consider” search result spam hacking”.

    I think AltaVista search result site has been down for a few days, the abnormally high search results for AltaVista may be from people trying to find AltaVista search and from people trying to find out news about why they can’t reach AltaVista. AltaVista seems to have been down or blocked the past two days, at least from where I am at. Apparently it has happened to many other users.