• http://nikolassv.de Niko Schmidt-Voigt

    An easy way to test robots.txt is the firefox add-on roboxt! Once installed and configured the add-on shows in the status bar if the current URL is blocked for a specific crawler or not. Which crawler robots.txt should be tested for can be configured in the add-ons preferences. roboxt! may also mark blocked internal links – but this is rather usefull for SEOs, less for PPC practitioners.

    Originaly, I developed roboxt! to help SEOs with testing robots.txt. After reading this article I think it may be usefull for PPC practitioners too.

    More information on roboxt may be found her: http://nikolassv.de/roboxt-en/
    And the add-on itself here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/roboxt/

  • http://biggs-gilmore.com kwikle

    And what about just putting no-index in the header of the landing pages?

  • http://twitter.com/ChristopherSkyi Christopher Skyi

    Could you also put this tag on PPC landing page to keep them out the organic index but let 
    Adsbot-Google find the page?