• AussieWebmaster

    You are in Seattle so it has to be grunge….

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    Grab some of the best bits of the daily SearchCast. You and Dave talking about British coins. You and Marshall singing the 50 state song. Stuff like that..

  • Winooski

    This is almost impossible for me to resist…


    – The Coasters, “Searching”

    – Chicago’s “I’ve Been Searchin’ So Long”

    – Anything by The Searchers, especially their well-known cover of “Love Potion #9”

    – Last but not least, The Beatles’ immortal ode to the lonely lot of the pay-per-action employment recruiting copywriter: “Pay-Per-Back Writer”. What? It’s actually “Paperback”? D’oh.

  • http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    You are in Seattle, so it has to be…


  • http://www.hakia.com melek

    Hi Danny,

    How about search music!

    Listen toour first album @ http://www.hakiasearchmusic.com



  • http://www.linkworth.com mstoddart

    you need to shoe-horn Muse in there somewhere..

  • http://searchenginetigers.com Simon Heseltine

    Slightly off topic, given that it’s not a suggestion, but it is about conference music – we were waiting on a vendor call last week, listening to the on-hold music, when we suddenly realized that we were listening to the SES pre-session music.

  • graywolf

    If you were a Disney aficionado or aficionado of any theme park you’d know you want music without voices since it builds an atmosphere without interfering with conversation, so what you actually want is ambiance music. I’d suggest something somewhat eclectic like some of the soundtracks from any of Cirque de Sole shows. Another suggestion would be the symphonic version of Dark Side of the Moon.

    If you want that theme park feel I’ve got over 12 hours of source audio from the Disney Parks and 2 hours from Universal Studios (I’m such a geek). Heck sometimes I put it on at home invite people over and charge them $4 for a soda

  • http://www.seomoz.org Rebecca Kelley

    I’m all for anything Journey-related. Or maybe Asia’s “Heat of the Moment.”

  • http://www.luckylester.com Lucky Lester

    Seems like a no brainer… you are going to be in Seattle, the birth place of Grunge and many other great groups so why not play tribute to them. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Hole to name a few from the Grunge scene. What about Heart and Hendrix for the older rockers. For the hardcore fans some Queensrÿche or Alice in Chains would do nicely. And for those of you who are looking for something a little more romantic how about “Bumpin Uglies” (kidding). I know that the Foo Fighters produce some really decent tunes and should have something for just about everybody.

    Seattle has one of the best music scenes

  • http://www.smoblog.com mblair

    To pick up where Winooski left off, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” by U2 seems like a good pick for the playlist…

  • http://www.jehochman.com JEHochman

    As the first SMX, you need something special, exciting and unique. I agree that non-vocal is a good idea for walk-in music, since people may desire conversation.

    How about John Williams from Australia, a world renowned classical guitarist? I recommend his album “The Ultimate Guitar Collection.”

  • http://www.netshops.com sherrillh

    Wouldn’t “Another One Bites the Dust” be appropriate? There could be several connotations: another spammer is gone, another theory is busted, a competitor was overcome, etc.

  • http://www.aimClearBlog.com aimclear

    Unfortunately I can’t attend Seattle but will be @ SMX Social Media NYC. However, I suggest Pat Metheny, Earth Wind and Fire, Vertical Horizons, Jeff Beck, and old BB King, Doctor John, and old Rolling Stones.

  • http://www.seocritique.com SEOcritique.com

    (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (Disco Edit) | The Kinks
    16 volt – Turning Japanese | 16 Volt
    1984 | David Bowie
    99 Luftballons | Nena
    A Daisy Chain 4 Satan | My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult
    A Forest | Blank & Jones Feat. Robert Smith
    A Gallon Of Gas | The Kinks
    A Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy | The Kinks
    Absolute Beginners | David Bowie
    acumen – Whisper To A Scream | Acumen
    Adrenaline | Rosetta Stone
    All That Money Wants | The Psychedelic Furs
    Ana NG | They Might Be Giants
    Antichrist (Club Mix) | The Retrosic
    Apathy | Spetsnaz
    The Arcane | Dead Can Dance
    Ardera Sempre | Miranda Sex Garden
    Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Leaetherstrip Remix) | Gary Numan
    Ascend (Cold Fusion Mix) | Headscan
    Ashes To Ashes | David Bowie
    Aspiration Feed | Grendel
    assemblage 23 – I Ran | Assemblage 23
    Assimilate | Skinny Puppy
    Aviary | Ego Likeness
    Away | The Bolshoi
    Back In Flesh | Wall Of Voodoo
    Bad Boys | Wham!
    battery – The Chauffeur | Battery
    Bela Lugosi’s Dead | Bauhaus
    Birthday | Sugarcubes
    Black As The Devil Painteth | Theatre Of Tragedy
    Black Celebration | Depeche Mode
    Black Metal [Original] | Ascii.Disko
    black metal box – I Want Candy | Black Metal Box
    Blades (KMFDM Remix) | PIG
    Bleed For Us All | Suicide Commando
    Blister In The Sun | Violent Femmes
    Blood Bitch | Cocteau Twins
    Blue Jean | David Bowie
    Blush | Razed In Black
    Body Count | Front Line Assembly
    The Bog | Bigod 20
    Boys & Girls (Floor Slammer Remix By Julian Beeston) | Fear Cult
    Brains! | Voltaire
    Broken | Corpus Delicti
    Burning Skies (edit) | Tones On Tail
    Butterfly | Tapping The Vein
    Can’t Get It Out Of My Head | Electric Light Orchestra
    Cantique | Die Form
    Catch My Fire | Pax
    Changes | David Bowie
    Chant 64 | Replicant
    Charlotte Sometimes | The Cure
    Cherry Flowers And Bedroom Songs (Soil & Eclipse Remix) | New Skin
    China Girl | David Bowie
    Christian Says | Tones On Tail
    Christine | Siouxsie & The Banshees
    Christine (Rosetta Stone Mix) | Wake
    Chrome [Soman RX Longer] | VNV Nation
    Cities In Dust (Hot Tracks Mix) | Siouxsie & The Banshees
    Clone Your Lover | Zeromancer
    Cold War | Funker Vogt
    Cold Winds | Paralysed Age
    collide – Whip It | Collide
    Coma White | Apoptygma Berzerk
    Come Back To Me | Razed In Black
    Coming Down Fast | Daniel Ash
    Cruel Summer | Bananarama
    Cuts You Up | Peter Murphy
    The Cutter | Echo & The Bunnymen
    Dark Entries | Bauhaus
    Darling Darling | Mano Negra
    Dead Heaven (Extended Mix) | Gary Numan
    Dead Man’s Party (Hot Tracks Mix) | Oingo Boingo
    Dead Souls | Joy Division
    Dead Stars [Version] | Covenant
    Death Wish (Wishful Death Mix) | Christian Death
    Decypher [Force = Authority Remix] | Velvet Acid Christ
    Deeper | Rosetta Stone
    Deliverance | The Mission UK
    Der Kommissar | Falco
    Destroyer | The Kinks
    Dieche | Sex Gang Children
    Dig It | Skinny Puppy
    Dirty Dog | Switchblade Symphony
    DJ | David Bowie
    Do You Believe In Angels | The Last Dance
    Dog Star Man | Meat Beat Manifesto
    Don’t Bring Me Down | Electric Light Orchestra
    Don’t Fall | The Chameleons
    Don’t Let Me | Seize
    Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely | Hüsker Dü
    Don’t You Want Me | Human League
    Down In The Park (20th Anniversary Edition) | Gary Numan
    Dr. Online (Rico Remix) | Zeromancer
    Dragonfly (Conjur One Remix) | The Crüxshadows
    Eccentricity | Magenta
    Effigy (I’m Not An) (Hot Tracks Mix) | Ministry
    El Sur | Mano Negra
    Enola Gay | Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    Evil Woman | Electric Light Orchestra
    Evisceration | Carfax Abbey
    Exit | Ikon
    Exterminating Angel | The Creatures
    External Mystery (Eternal Grisha-2nd Front 242 Remix) | Talla 2XLC
    Fall | The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Fame | David Bowie
    Fashion | David Bowie
    Fatman | The Southern Death Cult
    Fiction (Dreams In Digital) [Digital Monster Remix] | Orgy
    Filli Neidhardi | Corvus Corax
    First Day [Radio Edit-Clean] | Timo Maas
    Follow Me (Sigue Sigue Spitnik Remix) | Kill Switch… Klick
    For You (Exclusive Mix) | Sero.Overdose
    Forever (Aïboforcen Club Mix) | Bruderschaft
    Full Moon | The Kinks
    Future Pop Muzik | Epsilon Minus
    The Garden of Temptation | The Aurora
    Gedanken Reich | Absurd Minds
    Genesis [Icon Of Coil Version] | VNV Nation
    Girls On Film (Hot Tracks Mix) | Duran Duran
    God’s Zoo | Death Cult
    God Star | Psychic TV
    Godshit (Re-Posessed Relievo Mix) | Psychopomps
    Golden Years | David Bowie
    Goo Goo Muck | The Cramps
    Goodnight, Demon Slayer | Voltaire
    Goody Two Shoes | Adam Ant
    The Grip Of Love | Ghost Dance
    The Grudge [Gothminister Remix] | Mortiis
    Gutter Glitter | Switchblade Sympony
    Halloween | The Misfits
    Haloes | Christian Death
    The Hanging Garden | A.F.I.
    Hate | Colony 5
    hate dept – Master And Servant | Hate Dept.
    Heart Of Glass | Blondie
    Heart Of Steel [Riot In Metropolis Mix] | Analogue Brain
    Heartache (Mission UK Remix) | Gene Loves Jezebel
    Heaven Is Waiting | The Danse Society
    Heavenly Melancholy | Gitane Demone
    Hell On Earth (Retrosic Mix) | Aslan Faction
    Heroes | David Bowie
    Hertic’s Fork | Spahn Ranch
    His Box | Dali’s Car
    Hold Me | Darkseed
    Horizon | Behind The Scenes
    Horrible Dream (Glis Mix) | Ayria
    Human (Single Version) | Behind The Scenes
    I’m In Love With A German Film Star | The Passions
    I’ve Suffered Long Enough | Razed In Black
    I Go Crazy | Flesh For Lulu
    I Got You | Split Enz
    I Need A Life (Resurrected-Birmingham 6 Mix) | The Damned
    I Ran (Hot Tracks Mix) | A Flock Of Seagulls
    I See You (Extended) | X Marks The Pedwalk
    I Walk The Line | Alien Sex Fiend
    I Want Candy (Razed In Black Mix) | Bow Wow Wow
    I Want You | Wumpscut
    Immunity | Speaking Silence
    In Darkness | Alastis
    In Too Deep (Hot Tracks Mix) | Dead Or Alive
    Incendiary Lover | Gitane Demone
    Incubus (Leæther Strip Remix) | The Electric Hellfire Club
    Incubus Succubus II | Xmal Deutschland
    Indios De Barcelona | Mano Negra
    Inhibition (H01) | Nebula-H
    Instincts Of Peversion | Hocico
    Institutionalized | Suicidal Tendencies
    The Irreparable | Glis [Feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer]
    It’s My Life (Hot Tracks Mix) | Talk Talk
    Jane Says | Jane’s Addiction
    The Jean Genie | David Bowie
    Join The Chant | Nitzer Ebb
    Just Like Honey | The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Kathy’s Song (Come Lie Next To Me) | Apoptygma Berzerk
    kevorkian death cycle – Never Say Never | Kevorkian Death Cycle
    Killing Ground [AE4 Remix] | Funker Vogt
    King Kong Five | Mano Negra
    King Of Bongo | Mano Negra
    Kiss | London After Midnight
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang | Specimen
    Kundalini Express | Love & Rockets
    Last Expressions | Aria
    Laura | Fields Of The Nephilim
    Left | Swan Dive
    Let’s Dance | David Bowie
    Liar Liar | Genitorturers
    The Lie Which Refuses To Die | Black Tape For A Blue Girl
    Lies (Hot Tracks Mix) | The Thompson Twins
    Livin’ Thing | Electric Light Orchestra
    Living On A Thin Line | The Kinks
    Living On The Ceiling | Rosetta Stone
    Lola (Live) | The Kinks
    Lost In Metropolis (Remix) | Oil 10
    Love My Way (Hot Tracks Mix) | Psychedic Furs
    Love Never Dies (Part 1) | Apoptygma Berzerk
    Love Plus One | Haircut 100
    Love Will Tear Us Apart | Joy Division
    Loving The Alien | David Bowie
    luxt – Cars | Luxt
    Mad Love | LCD With Gitane Demone
    Mad Man’s Dead | Mano Negra
    Madonna Of The Wasps | Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
    Majesty (Premonition Mix By Assemblage 23) | Claire Voyant
    Mala Vida | Mano Negra
    Mano Negra | Mano Negra
    Masterbuilder | Absurd Minds
    Melody Lee | The Damned
    Memories (Diskonnekted Mix) | Namnambulu
    Menschenfresser [Clubmix] | Melotron
    Mephisto Waltz | Mephisto Waltz
    Message Of Love | The Pretenders
    Metal Machine Music (Cassandra Complex Remix) | Die Krupps
    The Metro (Hot Tracks Mix) | Berlin
    Mindstalking | Lunascape
    Mirror In The Bathroom | The English Beat
    Mirror People | Love & Rockets
    Modern Love | David Bowie
    Mr. Blue Sky | Electric Light Orchestra
    Mundus Vult Decipi | Stone 588
    Muscoviet Mosquito | Clan Of Xymox
    My Revenge On The World [OUT OUT Extended Strike] | Ayria
    Mystere | Ophelia’s Dream
    Mystic Places [Advanced Electronixx Version] | Les Anges De La Nuit
    Nailed [V.2.0 Dance] | Diskonnekted
    Name Der Rose | Qntal
    Narayan | Funker Vogt
    Never Say Never (Hot Tracks Mix) | Romeo Void
    Neverland (In Strict Confidence Remix) | DKay.Com
    New Sensation | Neuroactive
    New Year’s Day | U2
    Waser | Nimpf
    Wasteland | The Mission UK
    Watch Without Pain | Rubicon
    Ways To Be Wicked | Lone Justice
    We’re So Happy | The Danse Society
    We Are The Ones | Zombie Girl
    We Blame Love (Gregorio’s mix) | Heaven 17
    We Care A Lot | Faith No More
    We Will Not Fall | Kommunity FK
    The Weeping Song | Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    When I Was In My Prime – Thea’s Obsession | Rheas Obsession
    When Love Breaks Down | Prefab Sprout
    When The Wind Blows | David Bowie
    Who Can It Be Now? | Men At Work
    Why? (Hot Tracks Mix) | Bronski Beat
    Wicked | Switchblade Symphony
    Witches | Switchblade Symphony
    Witches’ Rune | Unto Ashes
    Without Faith | ThouShaltNot
    Wo Versteckt Sich Gott [VNV Nation Remix] | Joachim Witt
    Words (Hot Tracks Mix) | Missing Persons
    World Shut Your Mouth | Julian Cope
    Xcess (Schneider Of Rammstein Remix) | Slick Idiot
    You (-Das) | Diary Of Dreams
    You Are Not Unique (One Mix) | aïboforcen
    You Really Got Me (Live) | The Kinks
    You Want It [Dave Clarke RMX] | Fixmer/McCarthy
    Young Americans | David Bowie
    Your Sweet Six Six Six | HIM
    Yū-Gung (Adrian Sherwood Mix) | Einstürzende Neubauten
    Ziggy Stardust | David Bowie
    Tears (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) | The Crüxshadows
    Teen Age Riot | Sonic Youth
    Telephone Line | Electric Light Orchestra
    Tell Me When It’s Over | Dream Syndicate
    Temple Of Love | The Sisters Of Mercy
    templebeat – You Spin Me Round | Templebeat
    Temptation | New Order
    Tempted | Squeeze
    Testament | UK Decay
    That’s The Way I Like It | Dead Or Alive
    That’s When I Reach For My Revolver | Mission Of Burma
    Third Life (Front Line Assembly Remix) | Penal Colony
    This Charming Man | The Smiths
    This Corrosion | The Sisters Of Mercy
    This Is Heresy (Edit) | Christian Death
    This Is The Go Go’s (Medley) | The Go-Go’s
    This, My Melancholic Masquerade | Autumn Tears
    Time (Clock Of The Heart) | Culture Club
    Time Will Crawl | David Bowie
    To Blame | Kommunity FK
    To Hell (Razed In Black Mix) | Diverje
    To Hell With Poverty | Gang Of Four
    Tommy Tutone / 867-5309 (Jenny) | Tommy Tutone
    Tomorrow’s World | Killing Joke
    Too Many Puppies | Implant
    Too Shy | Kajagoogoo
    Totengräber [Orthodox Version] | Reaper
    Traurige Nation | Armageddon Dildos
    True Life | Lights Of Euphoria
    The Truth Behind | L’Âme Immortelle
    Tune Up Your Chips And Circuits [Electric Universe Remix] | Implant Feat. Anne Clark
    Turn To Stone | Electric Light Orchestra
    Turning Japanese | The Vapors
    Tvc 15 | David Bowie
    Two Gods…Are Better Than One | Attrition
    Uncertain Smile (Original 7″ Version) | The The
    Under Pressure | David Bowie
    Under The Milky Way | The Church
    Under The Sky (Compact Mix) | Interlace
    Under Your Wings … | My Dying Bride
    Underground | David Bowie
    unit:187 – Relax | Unit 187
    Until Decemeber / Until December | Until December
    Up To Netzach | Therion
    Velocity | Neuroticfish
    Venus Vina Musica | Corvus Corax
    Video Kid | The Birthday Massacre
    Vienna | Ultravox
    Vision In Black | Advent Sleep
    Vortex | Spahn Ranch
    The Wake | Midnight Configuration
    Walking On Your Hands | Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    Walkman | Welle:Erdball
    Wallpaper Room [Radio Edit] | Lowsunday
    Wardance | Killing Joke
    Nightfeast | Written In Ashes
    Nightmares | The Last Dance
    No Nothing, Never [6:30 AM Edit] | File Not Found
    Now I’m Feeling Zombified (extended version) | Alien Sex Fiend
    Oblivious | Aztec Camera
    On Your Own (Hot Tracks Mix) | Pete Shelley
    Once Beautiful | The Last Dance
    Once In A Lifetime | Wolfsheim
    One And Only | Neikka RPM
    Only When You Leave | Spandau Ballet
    Open Your Eyes | Lords Of The New Church
    Opened (Glis Mix) | Assemblage 23
    Oxeia | Love Is Colder Than Death
    Pagan Love Song | Virgin Prunes
    Papillon | Chandeen
    Partus | Stoa
    Party Time | 45 Grave
    Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops | Cocteau Twins
    Personal Demon (Edit) | Diskonnekted
    Phase 2 | Digital Factor
    Pink Noise | Neo-Tek
    Planet Earth (Hot Tracks Mix) | Duran Duran
    Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing | Minutemen
    The Politics Of Dancing (Hot Tracks Mix) | Re-Flex
    Pray [Radio Edit] | Lycia
    Preacher Man | Fields Of The Nephilim
    Prince of Darkness (Razed In Black Mix) | The Electric Hellfire Club
    Promised You A Miracle | Simple Minds
    Promises Promises | Naked Eyes
    Prostitute (Single Version) | Neuroticfish
    Punk Rock Girl | The Dead Milkmen
    Pure Hands | Rise And Fall Of A Decade
    Pusher [US Remix] | Soman
    Rain | The Cult
    The Rain Within Her Hands | Bella Morte
    Razorwire [Modified Mix] | Mesh
    The Rebel | The Promise
    Rebel, Rebel | David Bowie
    Relax | Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Relics | Bella Morte
    Remnants | Spahn Ranch
    Resurrection | Brotherhoods Of Pagans
    Rise | Public Image Ltd.
    Rise Above | Black Flag
    Rock Island Line | Mano Negra
    Rock The Casbah (Hot Tracks Mix) | The Clash
    Roll Over Beethoven | Electric Light Orchestra
    Romeo’s Distress | Christian Death
    Run (Wayne Hussey Mix) | Gossamer
    Running Up That Hill | Kate Bush
    sabotage q.c.q.c.? – Sex Dwarf | Sabotage Qcqc
    Scary Monsters | David Bowie
    Schwarze Witwe | Eibrecher
    The Sea Is My Soul | 24 Hours
    Senses Working Overtime | XTC
    Sex Beat | The Gun Club
    Sexbeat | Fear Cult
    Share This Poison | Razed In Black
    She’s In Parties | Bauhaus
    She Bangs The Drums | The Stone Roses
    She Blinded Me With Science (Hot Tracks Mix) | Thomas Dolby
    Showroom Dummies | Leaether Strip
    Shy Boy (Hot Tracks Mix) | Bananarama
    Side Show | The Wake
    Sidi H’bibi | Mano Negra
    Sleeper In Metropolis 3000 (Implant Mix) | Anne Clark
    Slow Motion | Lights Of Euphoria
    Snake Dance | March Violets
    So What | Ministry
    Soledad | Mano Negra
    Souls | Project Pitchfork
    Space Age Love Song (Guenter Schulz Remix) | A Flock Of Seagulls
    Space Oddity | David Bowie
    Spellbound | Siouxsie & The Banshees
    Spirits Of Crime [Live In Israel] | Hocico
    Stigmata | Ministry
    Still In Hollywood | Concrete Blonde
    Stir About The Stars | Love Spirals Downwards
    Strange Magic | Electric Light Orchestra
    Strap Me Down | Leaether Strip
    Strobe | Front 242
    Subtronic [Beat Of Steel Mix] | De/Vision
    Suck | Pigface
    Sueno De Solentiname | Mano Negra
    Suffragette City | David Bowie
    Sunrise (Club Mix) | Glis
    Suspense – Funeral In Berlin | Funeral in Berlin
    Swamp Thing | The Chameleons
    Swan Song | Sleeping Dogs Wake
    Sweet (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) | Switchblade Symphony
    Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) | Eurythmics
    Sweet Nothing | Secon skin
    Sweet Talkin’ Woman | Electric Light Orchestra
    Syria | Specimen
    System Failed [SD-RAM Mix] | Painbastard
    Take The Skinheads Bowling | Camper Van Beethoven
    Talk About the Weather | Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    Talk Talk – Talk Talk | Talk Talk
    Tannhauser Gate | The Electric Hellfire Club