• http://www.returnondigital.com/dave-ashworth.php Dave Ashworth

    Let’s face it, this will probably go the same way as Google Wave and Buzz.

    Facebook is far to ingrained into everyday life that I doubt very much we will see any social networking site challenge it for some time, if ever.

    Google need to be more innovatitve and come up with a service that can take social media in a new direction, rather than trying to compete with what is already there, well established and the leader in it’s SM niche.

  • http://www.actwebconsulting.com ACTeeple

    “Because if Google Me can’t answer the “why question” it’s DOA.”

    This is so true. Last night, I was watching TV and one of the characters said as he was saying goodbye, “I’m on Facebook.” This just shows how integrated Facebook has become in our culture. No need to bother writing down contact info – you can find me on Facebook.

    Google Me (or whatever it ends up being called) needs to not only differentiate itself from Facebook, but has to offer something that will appeal to those many frustrated, yet loyal FB users.

  • brallsplp

    I am hoping for DOA as I am getting very bored of Google EVERYTHING!

  • http://www.intotemptation.net JustJss

    FaceBook is probably too big to fail quickly.

    So was AOL.

    If “Google Me” can allow me to present myself to friends, acquaintances and the world more the way I wish to present myself than does FaceBook, I would make Google Me my primary social networking platform.

    Facebook has allowed me to find old friends (for me, it made “Classmates” obsolete) and also to connect with a few new ones. But it has mostly served its purpose already.

    Knowing which of my friends are prone to playing Farmville is useful information, too … Thanks, FaceBook, for providing Zynga-type games as a measure of social IQ. What a plague those things are …

  • jlong7

    I want multiple profiles. Google would know so much more about me than Facebook does if I could show a different profile to different social sets without the friend knowing to which social set they belonged or even that there were other profiles. And I’d like for these profiles to be layerable (wife can be part of “family” and “friends” but not “fight night buddies,” and Joe can be part of “fight night buddies” and “friends,” but not “family”). In real life, I can have members of different social sets mix at a party. But my church friends know not to discuss my religious views with friends that may belong to different political parties. In fact, for me, this hide and seek is not hiding something I’m doing wrong, it’s intellectual flirtation, the gradual disrobing of my identity to others who share similar interests to mine. We find that our closest friends are those that we can share ourselves completely. I’m certainly not going to be running around naked at work. This idea that privacy is dead is simply turning everyones life into a PR/Advertising laced bland bullshit. Make me feel safe and Google will be my one true friend who knows all of my deepest darkest secrets:-) Google will know my religion, political views, favorite sports. My wife is scandalized every time I let it slip to one of her friends that I like barbaric sports like MMA. Google will even know whether I prefer the blond or brunette score card girls. I know, that’s what Zuckerberg was referring to when he said, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide.” But who’s perfect?