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    I am very happy to see this happen. Relevancy for the searcher is paramount, and with that as a goal, advertisers benefit accordingly. The prior Yahoo! formula quite often put not so relevant ads above me simply because they were willing to spend more – yet my ad copy and landing page were indeed ultimately more relevant and useful to the searcher.

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    Respectfully, this amounts to Yahoo raising their prices.

    Yahoo PPC (Overture Legacy) has always been a good value compared to other paid channels. aimClear’s search marketing clients have always reaped PPC traffic and conversion results which are competitive with Google at a significantly lower price.

    Keeping in mind the ultimate and noble goal of increased SERP relevancy for engine users, this still amounts to a price-increase-play towards Y’s objective of bringing paid placement revenue more on par with Google. You can’t hate Y for that. Yahoo paid search has been and will remain an effective channel for marketers. It’s just not so much of a bargain anymore.