• http://www.accendomarkets.com/ Syed Rabbani

    I love the lamp

  • Matt Van Wagner

    They’re great aren’t they. You can buy them at Google’s online store here:

  • http://www.accendomarkets.com/ Syed Rabbani

    Thanks Matt. I will order some.

  • David Szetela

    Super article, Matt – proving once again that you’re not just eye candy. And thanks for the shout-out!

  • Chad Summerhill

    Great list, Matt! I’m still building http://www.gazel.ws if anyone wants an awesome Excel Add-in that pulls AdWords data directly into Excel tables. We’ve added some cool features over the past few months.

    Besides optmyzr & PPC Hero pro, I came across http://additionly.com/ the other day and it looks interesting for PPC reporting.

  • Matt Van Wagner

    Thank you for mentioning the Gazel tools, Chad. They are amazing – and I recommend them to any and all PPC practitioners. Thanks also for the additionly.com link. Will check it out!

  • http://www.toptiertools.com/ Frederick Vallaeys

    Great list of resources Matt and thanks for the shout-out for my company Optmyzr! Our scripts and Quality Score Tracker have been big hits with users so far and we just launched One-Click Optimizations into Optmyzr Labs. Our URL is http://www.optmyzr.com by the way :)

  • http://paleoburnfat.org/ Lexi

    This is a great list of tools. There are several on the list I haven’t used yet so now I have a todo list. Thanks Matt for sharing the list and thank Chad on the Gazel information!

  • Matt Van Wagner

    You’re welcome, Lexi. Any personal favorites you like to use in your work?

  • Sukh Singh

    I need a lamp now, thanks for sharing Matt. I attempted a banzai tree to bring life, positivity and something cool to look at in the office, but its on its last legs due to not being watered enough! I use instrumental jazz too for the “thinky” tasks, and house music for no brainer ones. I think there is something to the music selection provoking the right synapses to do certain tasks, well thanks for the list of tools too, I need to revise some of my tool choices now!

  • Matt Van Wagner

    Sorry to hear about your banzai. I have the same problem with orchids in my office – though probably the opposite reason. One caution on the lamps – cool describes the look, not the feel. These things get really, really hot.

  • Sukh Singh

    Cheers for the condolences and tip Matt, as I think the first thing I would have done while entranced by the lamp would be to touch it!

  • Sam Mazaheri

    Great post Matt. I’m sure http://www.AdStage.io will earn its place on your list once it’s launched :)

  • Matt Van Wagner

    Thanks, Sam. Will look forward to hearing more on it. BTW – for All readers – the good folks at ProspectWebDesign.com.au reminded me to mention Screaming Frog – SEO Spider tool – which is equally handy for Paid search, too. I totally forgot to mention it last week, even though I used it on two sites! #forgetful

  • Alan Mitchell

    The Permutator is great. I’ve used it regularly for years. However, it can get exponentially sluggish once the number of rows gets above 50,000, probably because with every new keyword it checks all previous keywords for duplicates.

    SnagIt is also one of my all-time faves. Great for taking screenshots of SERPs and making quick annotations. The time-delay feature is also very handy include Google’s drop-down autocomplete suggestions in screenshots.

  • Additionly

    Thanks for the mention Chad. We built Additionly to solve two problems: (1) reports are ridiculously time-consuming to build, and (2) they often aren’t read because an Excel spreadsheet attached to an email isn’t exactly a pleasant reading experience.

    Those of you who’d like to try Additionly out can start a free trial on http://additionly.com