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    I have to disagree with the comments about customer support. I recently had a billing issue with a business and was frustrated because I had to wait on hold for 40 minutes to eventually just hang-up. I then logged onto Twitter and within 2 minutes of my customer complaint on twitter I had the email of a customer rep who then solved my problem via email right away. I think it is great that company’s are keeping an eye out for bad PR on twitter and solving dilemmas via another non-traditional method.

  • jason_WordWrite

    Very nice piece, David. Although our firm works primarily with smaller brands, much of what you write applies to them, too. I’ve been advocating for STRATEGY in social media, not the gimmicks. There needs to be substance. In fact, I recently blogged (http://www.wordwritepr.com/blogstorytelling/?p=32) about strategy in the social media arena. I’d be interested in your thoughts.