• http://WebPieRat.com jillkocher

    Thanks for the reminder that SEO in a vacuum is bad news, Sheri. SEO professionals need to be balance their goals with the goals of other marketing disciplines and business priorities for a site.

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    I agree “SEO in a vacuum” is bad news, Jill. I cringe almost every time I read an SEO article about information architecture.

    SEO professionals mix up information architecture and navigation design (which is a common mistake, even one I made years and years ago). I see SEO professionals put their mental models on websites without even considering users. I facilitated 3 card sort tests today, and none of the test participants had the same mental model that I did, and all 3 test participants had different ways of organizing content. (There are 40 total participants.) But patterns did emerge and labeling issues were identified.

    Had we relied on keyword research tool data and not done these usability tests? The labeling problem would have persisted for years.

    I truly believe SEO is a great industry and we have a lot to contribute to other disciplines. But I also believe that many people in the SEO industry do not understand other disciplines or are willing to learn about them. Information architecture, navigation design, and website usability are 3 disciplines where SEOs have a lot to contribute…and a lot to learn.

    Thanks again!