• http://twitter.com/andrew_goodman Andrew Goodman

    Great piece, Chris. So why is it that Techmeme *never* posts a stale story? Understand it’s a small sliver of the universe… but maybe that’s what makes it better. That, and of course the fact that it’s human-curated. A worse area than Google News now is the news feeds in Google Finance. The stories aren’t in date-order, legit sources are now swamped by scrapers (for every Seeking Alpha, there are 20 “cut and paste” faux finance sites). That’s a shame, because Google is better with a lot of things like charts etc. I can’t help but think that Google always questioning “old media” business models leaves them in a position of being “chippy” towards sanctioned providers of original news. I mean, if you were a trader and you had a Bloomberg terminal for your breaking news, it would just plain work, right?