• http://braddlibby.wordpress.com Bradd Libby

    “in Germany they are very careful with privacy issues”

    I just saw a presentation yesterday by Kristjan Mar Hauksson of Nordic eMarketing where he mentioned that, for a particular website he worked with, customers located in Germany took an average of about 1 minute to read a 200-word privacy statement. The average for other customers was less than 10 seconds.

    He didn’t show raw data to back that up (such as distributions of reading time, to show whether most German users take a minute, or whether it’s only a small portion of users who skew the overall results). But if he’s right, then his findings support your claim.

  • http://www.stateofsearch.com Bas van den Beld

    Hi Bradd,

    thanks for your comment. I was actually with Kristjan in a panel last week in London, not the same right? But I can really tell you the Germans are much more careful. Just look at the issues Google has there with Analytics and Streetview.

    Funny enough there were several Germans applying to have their houses removed from Streetview. Those same people then posed for a German magazine, in front of their house….

  • http://acuteaccent.com acuteaccent

    I cannot find anything useful in this concoction of stereotypes. Has the author ever worked in Spain (siesta) or the Netherlands (orange)?

  • http://braddlibby.wordpress.com Bradd Libby


    The presentation I was referring to was actually the Super Search half-day conference in Oslo on Monday, February 28. (This is a quarterly event, with the next meeting to be held in late May.)

    Your Streetview story sounds similar to the Streisand Effect, but not exactly the same. Very funny, either way.

  • http://www.stateofsearch.com Bas van den Beld

    Bradd, hope the presentation was good, I always enjoy Kristjans talks.

    @accuteaccent, sorry you don’t find it useful, I think if you ignore these cultural elements you will be less successful. And I am Dutch, an history graduate and an expert on Europe so my take is that I know what I’m talking about here :)