• http://twitter.com/jeffonsports Jeff Williamson

    Great article.  One question… in the article you said ” I broke down competitors’ anchor text into categories that he gave me, rather than classifying them in my usual way” … can you elaborate on this?

  • juliejoyce

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you and I can indeed…I usually break things down into something like money phrases, longtails, brand, URL, noise, etc. but I broke the longtails down into more narrow categories so that I could tell how the “money” keywords were being used, like were they at the end of the longtail or the beginning. I didn’t do this for the other categories but you certainly could, as you’re sure to see brand anchors like “Search Engine Land” and “SearchEngineLand” AND “Search Engine Land’s site.” Does that help?

  • http://twitter.com/jeffonsports Jeff Williamson

    That definitely does help… thank you very much for responding so quickly!

  • juliejoyce

    You are very welcome!

  • http://www.ontargetcoach.com/ Brent Pittman

    This is all new to me. Just trying to comprehend. Question: I heard paid links are getting dinked on PR recently. True? 

  • juliejoyce

    Hi Brent…I have heard that some sites that exist only to sell links have seen their PR go back to 0 or n/a but that’s it. I have not yet witnessed anything personally though.

  • http://twitter.com/connections8 James Norquay

    A strong link profile will have various methods, I have been pushing this with clients for years to have varied sources and varied anchor text, too many people rely on a high percentage of the same anchor text until they get hit.

  • Kajetan Mazur


    Great Article :) Everyone should remember about JC Penny :)  As well our Polish sites like Nokaut,Ceneo and Skąpiec on January get filtered by google.pl(big polish sites that comperes prices).
    Once again great article :)

    Best Regards
    P.S, You didn’t what perspective did You gain in anchor variation?? “It gave me a whole new perspective on anchor text variation”- ca You be more specific ??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1567677343 Moumita Ghosh

    Hi Julie,

                  One thing is not clear to me that longtails keywords are valuable or not. Please reply me.

  • juliejoyce

    I think they are always valuable, like almost anything else. 

  • juliejoyce

    Hi Kajetan,

    When I looked at anchor text breakdowns in a new way, it made me realize that I’d been missing the chance to dig deeper into variations mainly. I usually lumped anchors together as money terms, for example, and when I broke them down differently, what would have previously just been in my “money” category was now a variety of categories. I really just appreciated that doing something in a new way made me want to do other things in a new way, so it kind of broke my routine and that’s usually a good thing!

  • http://twitter.com/reputationvip Reputation VIP

    Well it is a 100% theorical post. Have you ever tried to rank a website without diversity ? I think many would have some surprises.

  • juliejoyce

    To be honest I’ve ranked websites in just about every way you can imagine. Lots of things that CAN be done may not be the best idea for the long-term though. 

  • Jack Flaming

    As Google is taking big steps towards preventing spamming, I think only this diversity thing can help saving the future of seo.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    Hello juliejoyce,

    No doubt that we need links diversity on different types of domains, IP, categories like you mentioned. Search Engines loves your link on different types of domains.

    you talked about the this Link Research Tools  Is these tools help in link building and what is your opinion on Link Research Tools

  • juliejoyce

    Hi Sourabh,

    I use that set of tools for analysis but my opinion is quite favorable. You can get a one-day pass to check it out here: https://www.linkresearchtools.com/members/signup-v8.php?product=daypass

  • http://www.seothomas.com Thomas

    I am totally on board with you here except for one thing…..getting links from other country codes. Does Google.com really share info and link history with google.uk  

    Don’t these 2 entities run apart from each other? 

  • juliejoyce

    What I mean is that if you look at almost any link profile, you will see links from other countries than just the originating country where the site is based. It’s also the same data overall, just different views.

  • http://searchmonkeys.us/ Karthik kumar

     Good article. But, to my understanding links from diverse ccTLDs play a more important role than just diversity in link profile. I guess, as far as Google SERP is concerned, links from diverse ccTLDs help ranking in localized search results (more than ever, after Venice update). Now that said, doesn’t it imply that this kind of diversity would depend on wherever the website’s audience are in? I also think that, for websites that serve local audience, the respective ccTLD will have to dominate the profile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=850289819 Jon Ogden

     This is a really great article that covers some pretty
    important points and keeps to the principles of ‘quality’ link building in mind.

    Diversity is the key to keep a link profile looking organic
    and not manipulated. In some respects it is common sense but so many people
    feel the pressure to outrank competitors from clients and thats when people
    start looking at the small picture i.e. quick wins and miss the big pic.

    When you refer to anchor text, how broad do you go? Anchor text diversity in my
    opinion is very important to success in link building.

    Again solid post! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/MedicalInsMedia Medical Insurance

    Very interesting. I always knew having links from .edu’s and .gov’s was important, but I never really thought about the importance of diversifying to .biz, .net, etc. I will definitely be broadening my link building tactics. Great article!

  • http://gamezone.in.th/ GameZone

    A strong link profile will have various methods, I have been pushing this. Thank you.