• http://www.marketingbudgetadvocate.com Joju Mangalam

    I have noticed the importance of brand first hand. The company I worked for (top ecommerce company), got much better click throughs to paid search ads when the TV ads were running.

    The best way to differentiate brand and roi is to make it two different time periods. Tell your stakeholders that “Brand Equity” is a long term measure and “SEM’s ROI” is a short-term measure. Business needs improvements in both. Combination of display and search enginer marketing helps in this regard.

    Joju Mangalam

  • http://www.wendypiersall.com/ Wendy Piersall

    Sorry – you can have ROI without a brand. But you won’t have a brand for long without any ROI.

  • http://usabilitygal.wordpress.com/ usabilitygal

    The most important factor in website roi is ensuring your website design is user centred and that users can achieve their goals on your site quickly and effectively. There is no point spending lots of time and money on seo if you don’t ensure that you support this via optimised, effective landing pages. You should always ensure you usability test your sites with real users and reiterate your design based on the results. Companies often spend lots on marketing to get people to their websites, but they fail to convert the user within the site. This is where user centred design really helps roi, as it focusses on the user’s experience of your website and employs design techniques and a knowledge of human behaviour to encourage users to become customers.

    Lisa Duddington

  • http://www.flashbay.com Peter Cardin

    I agree that building brand awareness is a valuable long term marketing strategy. THe key is to use different channels (offline and online) to engage with your target market and make them aware of your brand. Over time, this build brand familiarity and trust..kind of like hypnotizing people slowly.

    In offline, one particularly powerful tool to promote your business and increase brand exposure is logo branded usb flash drives. Since usb flash drives are commonly used nowadays by consumers to share/copy/store digital content, they make perfect promotional tools to increase brand exposure for your business.

    Peter Cardin