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    wow! stunning numbers!

  • Snowball2

    I think there is an error in the numbers here. If the average Facebook CTR is .0098% then based on 4,457,198 that’s only 437 click-thrus. To get 43,681 clicks the percentage has to be 0.98%.

    Everything I’ve been reading has put avg clicks from FB ads around 0.02%. Better than the 0.0098% above but not anywhere near 1% as the calculations would suggest. That’s only 892 clicks (from 4.5MM imp).

    For some of the small campaigns, small businesses that I’m working with, they could do about 1MM impressions per month which we are projecting to generate only about 200 clicks. And at their sales conversions rates it’s just not enough to pay for itself.

    Not enough to get excited about anyway.