• Dan Bowtell

    The global market finder still has plenty of legs. It won’t do all the work for you, and nor should it, but by using it in combination with the keyword tool you can build up a pretty good picture of what might be available in global markets. There are also plenty of generics that this works well for without having to find local variations on terms.

  • BriggsBrandon

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  • http://twitter.com/BGiffuni Blas Giffuni

    As always Andy great call, however, I think that you’re blaming Google for the whole problem when actually this tool will provide results based on 2 main inputs (maybe more), “Targeted Keywords” and Google’s Global Adwords + search data.
    So for the first input as a rule of thumb and expressed by you before, perform some research before considering a new market – Keyword Research is one way – so by now you should know that just the US will refer as soccer for football.
    For the second input, Google’s data, I believe that Google really needs to improve their SERPs for many markets (probably 95% of the non-English speaking countries).
    Just for fun, next time you’re visiting  the US, perform some searches for “televisores LED” and most of the results are going to be from Spain, Chile, Colombia and Argentina which won’t be as relevant as sites that offer good content and full functionality for this US market segment.