• http://nspso.com Pterobite

    The difficulty of project management and SEO is confusion of what a Project is and what a Process or Program is.
    A project is defined as a confined group of tasks with a beginning and an end within constraints. These constraints are usually time and or money. If you define an initial SEO project such as bringing URL’ls into best practices, modifying the meta tags, building X number of links etc., within this definition a project and the typical project methodologies work well. You can define the task, the resources and time frames fairly well and a good PM should have no problem with it.

    The problem comes in when you undertake an improvement or marketing program. This is an iterative process that requires testing and flexibility. When you enter into this phase you need to switch to either a Program or SCRUM process. Both of these have the ability to handle the variables of time, cost and changing objectives that an SEO process entails. I encourage the use of SCRUM in these cases whenever possible.

  • http://www.seocharlie.com/blog Carlos Chacón l SEO

    I do believe any SEO must be ready to deal with so many other “problems” non SEO related. Timing or human resources will be the issue for that SEO because clients wants “All in One” when hiring a SEO professional.

    Even with Google faster than ever, SEO requires time to show not just results; ROI. Keyword research + test + error + etc.

    This is not about SEO skills, it´s about project objectives…

  • coldenburg

    Because of how quickly SEM can change a good project manager is essential. A good PM always knows they need the ability to be flexible with some conbintation of money, time or people, and without felxibility in these resources SEM is doomed to fail. As an PM in SEM I am glad to see conversations like this that place value on what we do. Thanks Adam!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1165730564 Michael Muselík

    I think, that many SEO companies  have set up processes based on own experience, but often neglect the needs and requirements of clients. It is important to realize that professional SEO optimization should primarily reflect the needs and 
    requirements of clients.