• mylesyounger

    Hey Dax, thanks for the mention! Instead of a few hours spent creating Flash ads on Canned Banners, how does instantly sound?

    We’ve got an API in the works, and once it’s ready, a search marketer will be able to take existing search ads (e.g., a CSV file), feed them into a Canned Banners app, and automatically generate display ads. We already have the tech to grab stock images from Getty Images’ API, so you’ll literally be able to create finished display ads by supplying nothing but the text content — no design work needed! We’ve got a demo app here: http://demo.cannedbanners.com/getty-images/

    We want to ensure that search marketers won’t have any barriers to generating and refining display creatives.
    Last thing: http://www.mixrank.com is also a good source of intelligence on competitors’ ads.

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    I listened to an interview with 

    Shelley Ellis interviews James Moore, Chief Revenue Officer at Simpli.fi on “What is Search Retargeting”.. a long time ago Nov 2011.  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18828745
    The idea was fascinating..using realtime display placement, based on search patterns and behaviour, I’m assuming Chango is into the same service.
    Is Search Retargeting only available for Campaigns with excess spends of 15K and upwards?  I understand the concepts. Isn’t this out of the range of SMB advertisers, and only for the big brands?  I’m not sure if its creative thats keeping searchmarketers back, but sticker price for the service.Searchengineman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ross-Bradley/502566604 Ross Bradley

     pps; “Search retargeting finds those individuals who have
    searched on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for a keyword that matters to your
    campaign, but who have not visited your site before.” – Dax Hamman

    Story: Why Search Marketers Are Losing Out With Search Retargeting


  • http://twitter.com/celwell Chris Elwell

    Your experience may be that search marketers don’t buy display, but the data from attendees to our Search Marketing Expo – SMX conferences doesn’t support your point. Of those who buy internet media:
    – 84% buy paid search advertising
    – 74% buy paid social
    – 66% buy display

    Perhaps it’s your messaging to the search marketers and not their reluctance to consider display that is the issue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JohnTimothyShea John T. Shea

    dax, i enjoy your articles. a question for you and the rest of the search re-targeters: how has the encryption of search data from logged in google users effected the size of opportunity in search re-targeting?  thanks…