• jvancitters

    Danny, you can go directly to the Yelp reviews for further info. I query Siri with “I want Italian food” or “I feel like a burger” and it pulls up the relevant results. Then scroll to the bottom of the results and note the bar at the bottom that says “Reviews from Yelp.” Tap on it. If you have the Yelp app, it launches and takes you to the reviews. If you don’t have the Yelp app, it launches the mobile site. The functionality IS there, the UI could be more directly obvious and handled as similar items in iOS are (such as clicking the blue arrow icon next to a recent call that brings up contact info, etc. Having that next to each listing with an option to locate on map or read more on Yelp! would likely be a better solution.

    Also, worth noting Apple considers Siri still beta. I suspect massive data gathering is going on right now to evaluate how people are using Siri with many refinements to come when it leaves beta – my bet is for iPad 3 launch in Spring.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael Dorausch

    Danny, I’m curious regarding your location when conducting these searches. When using Siri, were you nearby the Fashion Mall (Trump, Wynn)? Reason I ask is the cluster of restaurants appears several blocks north of the city centroid. By contrast, Google serves their traditional North-South cluster with A (Eiffel Tower) near dead center to their centroid data.

  • http://beaulaurier.com/about Joe Beaulaurier

    Granted the Google voice search, in all it’s awesomeness, doesn’t have a natural language interpreter layer like that demonstrated in Siri. To do a real apples-to-apples (pun unintended) comparison you really need to have Pannous’ Voice Actions installed on the Android. I’ve only begun using it and took it to task using your examples and that of commentors. “Where’s the nearest restaurant” and “Find an Italian restaurant nearby” worked great. But “I feel like a burger” yielded a humorous result, as I guess could have been expected.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Michael, I was right near the Fashion Mall, yep.