• http://seoroi.com Gab

    “Linkbait is commonly thought to create link spikes, which can be a bad thing. This is why, when reading about linkbait creation and execution, you will see loads of advice about how it should never be a one-time only event. If you’re going to do some linkbait, planning to do more than one piece is critical in avoiding link spikes that don’t look natural. Spikes on a regular basis are usually ok, though, as they form their own sort of expected trend. If a company does loads of PR at the beginning of each month, over time you’d expect to see a trend of link spikes corresponding (roughly) to those periods.”

    I’m not sure that’s accurate. I’ve linkbaited once on a site of mine and seen no penalty effects after the initial surge. When people talk about penalties, they’re referring to getting 10,000 links overnight from automated software. IMHO, the pattern is pretty different.

  • Julie Joyce

    I guess it all depends upon your site, really, and your backlink profile. This is all speculation based on reading and discussing this topic with other SEOs…but I imagine that, like with your own site, there are many instances of one linkbait attempt and zero penalties. That doesn’t mean that it’s the norm, I imagine, but it’s still a valid point.