• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:JDoorjam JDoorjam

    Two slight corrections: all of the Wikipedias are “language-specific.” http://www.wikipedia.org contains no actual encyclopedic content, but only redirects users to the various language-specific projects. The second correction, following the logic of the first, is that the majority of U.S. traffic is probably toward en.wikipedia.org, the English-language project, not http://www.wikipedia.org, or at the very least is directed to en.wikipedia.org upon performing a query at the main page.

    The figures you cite are exciting stuff for the project!

  • http://weblogs.hitwise.com/leeann-prescott/2007/02/wikipedia_traffic_sources.html LeeAnn Prescott

    I have posted on the Hitwise blog that Google is now sending 166% more traffic to Wikipedia than it was a year ago.