Search engines currently have the ability to observe what visitors do on their site, what they click, how long they spend before backbuttoning…

    I like the concept behind this idea but let’s say that this new search engine is strongly embraced by the current folks who love wikipedia… that is not, in my opinion, a good cross-section of web users and therefore the results would be strongly biased towards a certain type of person.

    The “flavor” of this type of search engine would be strongly determined by its roots and its exposure – much as the major search engines yield different results based upon their algo – which again are flavored by the ideas of the people who design them.

    So, we could end up with algo flavors such as “link pop”, “trust juice” and “page content”…. and community flavors such as “erudite”, “geek”, “liberal”, “hillbilly” and “righteous”.

    Some folks might really like these community flavors. I might use them myself when I want reinforcement or a good chuckle. But where do I go when I want unbiased and accurate?