• Binnebrook

    It’s a great logo. Can’t say the same for the description. But all you need is a proofreader or a copy editor. Such a person would prevent SearchEngineLand from sounding like a 14-year-old with only a passing knowledge of the conventions of English grammar and usage.

  • lpdem

    I would like to know why GOOGLE would honor a man who created comic books that portayed a White American hero (Spirit) and a African American sidekick,(Ebony White) that was drawn by Eisner, to resemble a monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Later in life Will was asked the question, \Why did he draw the character
    to resemble a monkey?’\ his response was, those were different times… when asked does he now regret that decision, as it is offensive to African Americans today, his response was NO!!!!!

  • rexolio

    It’s always funny to me what / whom Google chooses to celebrate. Reagan’s 100th birthday recently and nothing. But comic book icons, JFK speeches, and John Lennon, they rock out the doodles for. Oh well!