• Larry Kim

    thanks Mark. I think the mobile CPC’s are going up, not because of any EC upgrade trickery. But rather because it’s getting easier for advertisers to create mobile optimized campaigns which are more likely to do well, and easier to measure/track the ROI from those campaigns. For example, we’re seeing that calls are worth way more than clicks (as much as 4x more for some accounts). If the value is there, the price will follow.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ Mark Ballard

    Thanks for your perspective, Larry. To be clear, in the long-term I think mobile CPCs will rise overall and relative to PC for everyone. It’s in the short-term that I think we may see a divergence in those trends across different types of advertisers.

    Also, I wouldn’t call it trickery, but the Smart Pricing issue will essentially double smartphone CPCs on day one for anyone that doesn’t take it into account. Optimizing for mobile and understanding its value will take longer than that, for those that aren’t already, even if it is easier for them to do so under ECs.

  • http://designdamage.com designdamage

    @mark_ballard:disqus, great point on the temporary divergence, it could very well happen. The challenge with anticipating this is that not all accounts are migrated over to EC, once the EC migration deadline passes, the algorithm may opt to let advertiser bid jam each other rather than artificially inflating the CPCs for their own yield optimization.

    @Larry Kim:disqus, not sure if mobile campaigns will really do well in the new setup. Will advertisers continue to invest in mobile or simply bid boost down if they don’t see the type of performance they’re accustom to with less control if they don’t have proper mobile post-click strategy with landing pages and value track parameters setup.