• http://www.aterra.com mbskygazer

    I don’t think you’ll have one site that will be able to meet all your needs in a single place. I think with the amount of content each user accesses for personal use and business use will have to be split up.

    This is being reflected already in the vertical search market for business.

  • David Quiec

    Hey, you can’t mention Netvibes and Pageflakes without Google IG: http://www.google.com/ig

  • http://cohn.wordpress.com Cohn

    Negroponte’s Daily Me?

  • http://glinden.blogspot.com Greg Linden

    The desktop-based internet dashboard pushing content is a good idea. Microsoft Research has a bunch of projects that are moving in that direction.

    The Stuff I’ve Seen project seeks to allow rapid access to any information you have seen before on your computer. Implicit Query tries to surface relevant information on your desktop without an explicit search. Search personalization targets search results using additional data about the user and the context of the search. Priorities and The Scope intend to focus your attention on important information and avoid unnecessary interruptions. Scalable Fabric and Data Mountain offer task-focused advanced user interfaces for managing your information and work, interfaces that are impossible to reproduce in a web browser.

    If these can be combined, refined, finished, and moved into the Windows desktop, Microsoft may be able to build a task-focused, advanced user interface that organizes your information, pays attention to what you are doing to help you find what you need, and surfaces additional information and alerts only when it is important and relevant.

  • http://www.wowter.nl/blog wowter

    I was amazed that Netvibes didn’t show in you’re Feedburner statistics over January. At my blog Netvibes is nowadays larger than Bloglines in readership. I posted the figures earlier this month.

  • http://www.webwag.com Webwag Team

    Thank you Greg for mentioning that independant start pages space vs the GYM’s portals.

    I guess you typed your post before you heard about Webwag.com and our user generated widget feature we launched last Monday, we call it Widget On Demand(tm), it’s a technology which helps users to create a widget from any site. Worth a try ;-)
    Plus, Webwag is the sole start page in ajax offering a search inside “my personal wide web” content, that a search within the RSS feeds I have on my page.

    Webwag was founded by an early Google exec, MD of Google France in 2002…a link with your post’s subject ;-)