• Michael Johnson

    I work at P1P Thanks for the shout out! As a person who is day in and day out trying to sell link building to clients, It’s definitely important to change the overall viewpoint from “getting” links to “earning” links. Someone made mention of that earlier and it really rings true. We sell link building as an important and essential part of a healthy SEO strategy. The only problem is that in order to do link building properly there is no “quick fix” or “easy solution” it’s just a lot of hardwork and hours, so many SEOs cast it to the side and call it “dead”. We always run by a philosophy called FTBOM (For the Betterment of Mankind) if the link you are getting has no value outside of SEO then it probably isn’t a link you should pursue. We focus on earning links that are good for the internet and most importantly good for users in the communities we are working in. Always ask yourself “In a world without Google would I be pursuing this link?” If the answer is no, then you might be toeing a dangerous line.

  • http://www.seoperks.com/ Nate Dame

    Very good point – we have to still talk “link building” because of so much misinformation out there.

  • smsulari

    Ha ha ha… I totally agree with that. Sometimes i feel its confusing others first…

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  • http://www.cfsearchmarketing.com/ PM Fiorini

    I’m sorry, this is another BS article by some stupid “SEO” that still does not appear to understand business nor marketing; and, apparently not much of anything! The bottom line is marketing (and business) is about “getting your name, brand, etc., out” to as many appropriate channels as possible. This is done via linking (organic, sponsored, display – whatever). Unfortunately, the recent updates of the Google search algorithm are seriously precluding natural and organic marketing efforts that emulate the “real world”. Google is and has created an unrealistic environment on the Internet that sculpts search results (both organic and paid) to suit whatever Google deems as “best”. Marketers, business owners are then subjugated by Google’s “guidelines”. The point is: link building – in whatever form, and as much as possible is marketing period. It’s natural. It’s putting your name out. What Google is doing to the Internet is tragic; but, it is what it is. It’s sad to so see so-called “experts” write articles like this without clearly understanding the big picture and then have the audacity to then ask its readers their opinion on “link building” while being totally oblivious to what the real issue is.

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks for the comment Pierre. It’s always wonderful to hear other perspectives from members of the search community, especially on the topic of link building. While I don’t appreciate being called “stupid” or your commentary on my apparent inability to understand anything, I appreciate you taking the time to read the article.

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    Guest Blogging is out, Link Building Is out, Social is limited to G+ and maybe some viral tweet if you are able to manage it, Authorship reduced to 10-15% of the equation, so what is the strategy these days?

  • Bala Ganesh

    link building will not stop, although the traditional way is not recommended any more. I think if we change the terminology from link building to rich relevancy building and resourcefulness building then seo experts must know what they are doing and more over businesses and clients will feel much comfortable in participating in the effort.

  • http://expresswriters.com/ Julia McCoy

    Great article! It is amazing how much marketers still hold a ton of value in links alone. Typically, these “marketing types” are only in it for the money and not the long hall.

  • http://casiegillette.com Casie Gillette

    Thanks Julia!