• http://twitter.com/DavidVallejo David Vallejo

    No way. Google Maps dominates app-based searches. Everyone has their eye on Local Search now and Google, once again, is leading. Interested to see how Facebook’s change of “Nearby” to “Local Search” will impact marketshare.

  • Yeye Yates

    Actually, mobile apps complements well with Google. Google runs Google PlayStore that already hosts a large number of apps. From what I read (so far) FB-Home is a step back when compared with Google’s search app. For those who has a raised eyebrow, you can use ColibriTool (http://colibritool.com) to measure the amount of traffic coming from Google search results of mobile devices

  • http://twitter.com/interartsllc Interactive Arts LLC

    What’s kind of telling about the Flurry survey is that local search isn’t mentioned once as an activity. This flies a little bit in the face of other studies published recently. Possibly this study relies too much on earlier data (“based on five years of smartphone traffic data”)?

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