• http://googleplaceshelp.blogspot.com/ RandyKirk

    Thanks for a very solid story on the new Google Places. There is so much disinformation out there, it is nice to see an article that has it right. I have over 200 listings completed for small businesses all over the country under the old Google Maps Local Business Center. Virtually all of those businesses have outside status on the 7-pack. Many have stand alone status. Since I specialize in marketing for the very businesses that need to get highly rated, I have had to become very, very efficient and proficient at this service.

    There is so much to this story that I decided to give it away. I could never serve .01% of the businesses who need what I know. So I have spent 40 hours creating a blog that includes almost daily updates all specifically about how to optimize Google Places. No charge. No obligation. http://www.GooglePlacesHelp.blogspot.com

    Interesting side note. The blog has been active for 10 days. I have listed it with every directory known to man. Google has not “recognized” it yet. I’m beginning to think they don’t like my URL. Any thoughts?

  • http://www.harleytherapy.co.uk/psychiatrists-london.htm harleytherapy

    We have noticed that the website listed alongside our business details belongs to another business!

    After the help of an SEO consultant, we rank number 1 on the search term ‘Psychologist London’ (Name Harley Therapy), but now the website is not correct. There is another listing with our name ‘Harley Therapy’, which we have tried to claim, and are waiting for our verification postcard, but nothing has arrived.

    We also worry about the Business name which our consultant seems to have placed keywords in, with our business name at the end. We worry about changing this, as the last time we updated our information, we dropped out of the rankings entirely.

    Our questions:
    1. Is there another way to obtain a verification PIN other than by postcard? It only seems to give us the postcard option presently.
    2. Why did changes we made last time obliterate us from Local Business listings?If we change the business name from “Psychologist London Psychotherapy London Counselling London – Harley Therapy‎” to “Harley Therapy”, will we drop out of the rankings again?
    3. Any other tips to correct our business website. http://www.harleytherapy.co.uk
    It’s unfortunate that we are losing clicks to another business entirely.

  • http://twitter.com/matpay1 Philippe Jacquet

    Hi, can any one tell me how long does it take for the verification card to arrive. I updated my listing a month ago and still waiting for it to arrive. So that I can verify it.