• http://www.JohnWEllis.com John Ellis

    To answer your question, yes … if they can execute.

    However, they have executed so poorly on everything else over the past several years, I do not see this panning out either.

    Yahoo! would have to be able to handle all of the hidden costs that come along with this: customer service, technical support, expertise, understanding, quality reporting, etc.

    They are not handling those well in Sponsored Search, so I can not imagine this will be any better.

  • http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    For those interested in accessing the full text of the article from the WSJ, you can find it at:
    for free. No subscription required.

  • http://ppc-outpost.blogspot.com/ Chris_S

    I think this innovation should be welcomed in the online advertising community. Many have commented that there’s a privacy concern surrounding these new Yahoo ads. However, I would argue these are no more invasive of our privacy than demographic targeting or click history tracking currently being employed by the other engines.

    I provide a counter-argument to the privacy concern on my blog – http://ppc-outpost.blogspot.com/. Feel free to have a read and let me know if you agree.

    In terms of Yahoo’s execution, I would point to examples like Yahoo Local to show they can produce something good when they put their mind to it. However, it’s true that there’s a Yahoo Sponsored Search and Yahoo Answers for every one Yahoo Local ;-)