• http://www.compucall-usa.com olivieramar

    Hi Greg,
    I think you’re really talking about the Holy Grail here. I agree that if anyone ever got it right (including Yahoo OR MSN) we would have a whole new ball game. That being said, if anyone can do it and allocate the proper resources to doing it, it’s going to be Google. MSN can’t commit itself to search (as we all heard over and over again at SMX) and Yahoo has other concerns at the moment it seems. Any small player will be gobbled up at the first sign or trouble by the others.
    I also think you make a great point about search clutter. Even though everyone seems to love and be comfortable with Google, the One Box has been a mess on the eyes. Google’s results are starting to feel (to me at least) like Asks.
    Take Care,

  • Jeff

    Or, will semantic search and the deep web slay PPC CTR?

  • bwelford

    I believe there is an even bigger cyberspace that might be called the NOW web. This includes all information packages or Instants that are online, most of which never have a URI. These might be chat messages or text messages for example. This implies the following hierarchy:
    NOW web >> Deep web >> crawlable web.
    I think Google should stick to the latter if it wishes to achieve its business goals.