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    This is absolutely absurd. Utah seems to have been at the forefront of idiotic laws regarding online activity.

    This is placing a burden on the engines, on the advertiser, on the… you catch my drift.

    Utah had some anti-spam laws in the past. In fact, there was one individual “Brittney Fenn” who sued thousands of companies. Well, her lawyers did. The court was none too pleased. The plaintiff would benefit $10 for each offense. The lawyers, full legal costs. I wonder how much the lawyers stand to benefit from the fights that will ensue.

    As always, keep up the great work. Love the Daily Searchcast (http://dailysearchcast.com/).


  • http://forshizelmynizel.blogspot.com Frank T

    ohhhh man… I’m laughing. It seems that people in Utah think they can control every aspect of life. But we here about this type of thing quite a bit living in Idaho.

    This law makes as much sense as their “member” law a few years back. To enter a bar, you absolutely must be a “member” and pay your member fee! If you’re not a member, you can have someone inside the bar sponsor you.

    I guess their online Utah “member” fee is now $250. When will it stop? GREED and MONEY is the motive here. I wonder what company was the victim of this??? And who is the head of this company? How do they think they can possibly enforce this?

    Love the Podcast Danny, best of luck to you in 2007

    Frank in Idaho