• http://www.BlitzMetrics.com Dennis Yu

    Cool– I just left a message for Larry asking about call tracking on the landing pages, since many businesses want to drive calls, as opposed to just form completions.

  • Larry Kim

    it’s on the list!

  • http://www.dpom.co.uk/ Brett Dixon

    I’ve tried this and its brilliant. So simple and fast to deploy, makes testing landing pages headache free and for smaller clients – it’s genius.

    They could do with a few more small features (Email notifications, templating for instance) and I know from speaking to the INCREDIBLY helpful Wordstream team they are on it – and that’s one thing I love about WS: their rate of development, always something new happening. I actually get excited when they announce new toys for us to play with! New features tend to make our agency money by the sheer time saving aspect of everything (not to mention making it easier for junior staff to do more advanced tasks)