• Shane Jennings

    The title may be misleading (at least it was for me). It seems less like an “Intro to Analytics Dashboards” and more like an “Intro to Managing Analytics Across Multiple Accounts”. Otherwise, the article seemed informative!

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Carrie Hill

    Thanks for the comment, Shane – I am self-admittedly HORRIBLE at coming up with titles – but you’re probably right :)

  • Isabelle Eva

    Great insights.
    I also love the dashboard sharing option. What a time saving
    Google Analytics has gone a long way. The PDF export option is even available now!

  • http://michaelobeirne.wordpress.com/ Michael Bennett …

    Great write up, very simple, yet very helpful. I enjoy your posts and can’t agree with you more on “Personally, I think it is 100% shady when an agency says they own your GA data because it’s in their dashboard and “can’t” give you the account. ”

    For all my clients, I’ll teach them how to setup and maintain control while giving me access to their GA. I never “own” theirs, I agree it’s a “shady” practice.

    Keep up the great writing.


  • http://www.ppc-strategies.com Barb

    So happy to find another “dashboard junkie” like myself! The more custom dashboards I create for clients, the more they want. In addition to the usual PPC metrics, we’ve isolated just comparison shopping engine traffic in custom dashboards that detail ROI of Google Shopping, vs. Nextag, vs. Shopzilla that can be updated in a flash and provide incredible insights into the relative value of each CSE.

    Just yesterday we created a custom dashboard to replace a daily report from a 3rd party tool for which the client was paying $500/month.

    One of my favorite custom dashboards compares non-brand keyword traffic for PPC vs. Organic sources. It quickly illustrates the value that PPC brings in terms of exposure for important queries where organic visibility is lacking.

    The new sharing feature is a godsend to ensure that remotely located employees can quickly see the same data from their GA login without having to painstakingly recreate every widget from scratch.

    There have been many “ah-hah” moments thanks to dashboards, and clients love them. As you say, they make scaling a business so much easier. With 20+ clients, monthly reporting used to be drudgery, now it’s a snap.

    Thanks for a great post.

  • http://www.loudlaunch.com Toni Atkinson

    …and I love your post. I have to admit that I was afraid to admit that I love Google analytics but now I can come out with it:) Even with this enthusiasm I am still confounded by all the choices and things to do with it. I am going to head back now with your post in “hand” and see if I can really have fun with it! Thanks!!

  • http://www.gorkemunel.com Görkem

    Great post, I just love how simple but “smart” text. Sharing Dashboard is really good idea and didn’t noticed before. Thanks Carrie


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    great post, thanks a lot!